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Reshaping Society

According to the Bahá'í Writings, humanity has now passed through the ages of infancy and is now at the beginning of its maturity. This maturity will be characterized by a civilization that is according to the Principles of God and His Laws.

This Global Divine Civilization would be one that is prosperous in both its material and spiritual aspects of life and they would advance together. The Baha’i Principles, in this regard, guide and inspire us to reshape our present society and initiate conversations and dialogues for mutual understanding in various spaces of all walks of life. Baha’is in Pakistan have always been involved in initiating such conversations that evoke a thinking process for the betterment of our existing societies. Currently, some of the ongoing conversations are Religious Coexistence and Advancement of the Equality of Women & Men.

Religious Coexistence

God is one and humanity constitutes of servants of that one God. Religion is one and all religion sprung from one Divine source. Religions may be considered as an instrument through which God bestows upon humankind His precious guidance. Strife and conflict between religions through history has been the cause of innumerable problems and major barrier to progress. Therefore, Religious coexistence is an essential prerequisite for a society that needs to prosper spiritually and materially.
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Advancement towards the Equality of Women and Men

The betterment of humankind and the advancement of civilization both in the spiritual and material dimensions will apply only when men and women in our society will work shoulder to shoulder.
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