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Religious Coexistence

God is one and humanity constitutes of servants of that one God. Religion is one and all religions sprung from one Divine source. Basic teachings are found same in all religions, and one common goal and basic human virtues suggest one common origin i.e God. Only the outward practice of religion is what differs, social teachings which give each religion its distinctive character according to the requirements of the age. Bahá'u'lláh tells us,

“Consort with the followers of all religion with the spirit of friendliness and fellowship”

This spirit and belief of Oneness and of the whole humankind being as one human family is at the heart of the Bahá'í belief. Acceptance of this fact demands that we abolish all sorts of Prejudice, be it racial, religious or related to gender. Religions may be considered as an instrument through which God bestows upon humankind His precious guidance; concepts and principles through which human beings can overcome many of their limitations and can follow a path to the nearness of God.

"Religion is the greatest mean of all means of establishment of order in the world and for the peaceful contentment of all that dwell therein." - Baha’u’llah

Strife and conflict between religions through history has been the cause of innumerable problems and major barrier to progress. Therefore, Religious coexistence is an essential prerequisite for a society that needs to prosper spiritually and materially. It is essential for all the individuals following all religions should manifest Unity and Affinity.

“Religion bestoweth upon man the most precious of all gifts.” -Baha’u’llah